Small Medium and large Scrunchie in light brown with tan writing
A small, medium and large scrunchie in a light shade of beigh with brown writing
Small, Medium and Large Scrunchies in medium beige with brown writing.
Small, Medium and Large Scrunchies in golden beige with brown writing
small, medium and large scrunchies in brown with deep undertones
Nude Scrunchies

Nude Scrunchies

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Created to match with the Nude collection. With sustainability in mind the scrunchies were made to limit fabric waste.

Small is great for small top knots or securing a braid, it measures about 6-7” in diameter resting

Medium is for a little more oomph and measures about 9” in diameter resting and a more traditional look

Large is for your statement bun or look, it also measures 9” in diameter resting but is made with twice the fabric of the medium scrunchies

Hand Made in Toronto