Designed and made by Desiree D'Aguiar, Winifred Taylor is a swimwear brand inspired by art. When creating Winifred Taylor, D'Aguiar knew textile prints were very important but didn't connect with any of the patterns available. Since launching in 2014, D'Aguiar has not only designed her own prints, she has collaborated with artists such as Tosh Jeffrey, Crystal F'hang and FLIPS to create beautiful, vibrant pieces ensuring whomever wears Winifred Taylor (WT) pieces stand out in the crowd.

Forever inspired by traveling to beautiful places and the important people in her life, D'Aguiar combined the names of her paternal grandmother, Winifred D'Aguiar and maternal grandfather Sidney Taylor to create the name Winifred Taylor. They respectively taught her how dress dress for yourself grandma wearing bold prints and amazing glasses; while also showing her how to pack light as grandpa traveled back and fourth to Bahamas and Canada with a perfectly coordinated wardrobe in just a carry-on. The ethos of the name has pushed D'Aguiar to create pieces that are reversible and interchangeable allowing her to look amazing her trips and pack less.

"I want WT wearers to feel beautiful, confident, and feel like the art they are wearing! No, WT is not cheap, but, I am able to pay the women I work with what they ask, and give quality swim; that really feeds my soul" - Desiree D'Aguiar

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